Top 3 reason to use our NEBC1 external smart charger

Top 3 reason to use our NEBC1 external smart charger



When it comes to laptop mishaps, there are few of them more annoying than the battery dying on you. Knowing this, we managed to design a neat product that will help you immensely. Let’s find out together exactly why you should buy our product by going through some important factors to consider.


Reason #1 - A more affordable way to fix your laptop battery problem

The root cause of your laptop battery issue can be traced back to your laptop’s system board. It’s a known issue that happens when the motherboard has a malfunction which doesn’t allow the battery to charge.

Instead of acquiring a new system board - which may cost you quite a few pounds, by the way - our product will be a much more affordable solution.


Reason #2 - Charge more battery power for your trip

If you plan to go on a trip and you expect to not find a power socket along the way, then you can always travel with multiple charged laptop batteries. Save time by charging up the one inside the laptop and the spare one(s) with our external (standalone) laptop battery charger.


Reason #3 - It’s incredibly easy to use

Another really attractive factor which will make you fall in love with our product is its absolute intuitivity. The components that come with your order are easy to put together and the whole process will take a really short time to perform.



What’s in the box?

Direct-Charging will send you a box with the necessary instructions to follow and the parts required to put the system in place. These are:


The bottom line

Regardless of your reason to acquire our external laptop battery charger, you should be sure of the fact that you will get a thoughtfully designed product that will make your life easier.

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