Laptop Battery Analyzer - the software

Laptop Battery Analyzer - the software

If you already read this, then you already know about the NLBA1, our extremely helpful laptop battery analyzer. Now it’s time to find out more about its impressive capabilities.

The NLBA1 Laptop Battery Tester Software

When you order our laptop battery analyzer you will also gain access to its PC software. The latter can be run on almost all Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10), available on either x64 or x86 platforms.

The software is designed to provide solutions when it comes to analyzing, reviving, measuring the real capacity, charging and discharging of almost all kinds of laptop batteries available on the market.

Let’s dig deeper and find out more

This software is linked to the hardware part of the laptop battery analyzer through an USB cable. You will be able to see all battery information (either Static or Dynamic data) you need.

The Output Voltage feature comes in handy when you are looking to apply a certain voltage straight to the battery’s power connector. This helps with under discharged batteries that have defective microcontrollers.

Should you apply a higher than usual battery voltage, then you can use this option as a form of reviving your laptop battery.

Laptop battery analyzer - other useful features

  • Charge - Use the software to charge up the battery until all STOP conditions are fulfilled. You can monitor the charging process and see the charging current and battery voltage.
  • Discharge - You can track each cell voltage independently as the battery discharges until the STOP conditions are met. The monitoring graph allows you to see all sorts of details through zooming in and out, showing history and so on.
  • AutoCycle/Calibrate - This feature allows you to perform one or more charging cycles. Full cycles are useful when you wish to recalibrate the battery data found in the internal chip.
  • Doing this will allow the battery to report the correct charging status, otherwise the displayed info might be wrong.

  • Battery repair - this function allows the laptop battery analyzer to figure out exactly how many cells the battery has and how good their general health is. The internal resistance is also calculated for each parallel group of cells. 
  • There is a ‘Wake up the battery’ button which can be used to ‘wake up’ certain battery cells which are in protection mode and not functioning correctly.

  • Device control/Diagnosis -  by accessing this tab of the software you will gain the possibility to control the hardware mainly for diagnostics.

  • Now you know how the software part of our laptop battery analyzer works. What are you waiting for? Order the NLBA1 - Laptop Battery Tester and Repair Tool now and solve your laptop battery issues.

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