How to charge a laptop battery externally

How to charge a laptop battery externally

How to charge a laptop battery externally

Living in a technology-infused era such as this one comes with a lot of benefits. However, there are also times when you can end up hating electronics.

For instance, can you imagine how frustrating it can be when you want to use your laptop but for some reason the battery is completely drained and not charging? That’s when we, the people from Direct-Charging, come into the picture.


What does a laptop battery consist of?

Actually called a Smart Battery System, a laptop battery generally consists of two parts: the cells and the electronic board. The cells could be either Li-Ion or Li-Polimer, both of which are connected in parallel, then in series in order to form the power pack voltage.

The electronic board is a crucial component because it contains a microcontroller which is used to run a complex firmware. This piece of machinery controls and balances the charging process (which occurs inside the cells), and implements the SMBus (System Management Bus) protocol.


What does a smart laptop battery charger offer?

In order to charge a laptop battery outside of the laptop it is required to implement a special protocol and algorithm to charge the battery completely to 100%. A charger able to juice up such a battery is called Smart Charger.

Our NEBC1 charger is a smart laptop battery external charger. Some laptop batteries have a System Present pin that has to be connected to ground in order to enable charging, while other laptop batteries require a special command to activate the charging, like Dell batteries do.

Also, the temperature inside the battery should be read and the charging current should be limited accordingly. In other words, a smart charger that is able to charge laptop batteries is a complex piece of hardware and software.

Order our product and you will benefit from its impressive feats, solving your battery charging issues.


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