Why the health of your battery is as important as yours: The NLBA1 laptop battery analyzer

Why the health of your battery is as important as yours: The NLBA1 laptop battery analyzer


Why the health of your battery is as important as yours? The NLBA1 laptop battery analyzer

Any laptop’s battery is easily one of the most important hardware components as it keeps your device up and running. Remember when you had a task to complete or an e-mail to send, but the low battery icon popped up while you didn’t have a charger at hand? Not too convenient, was it?

Let’s put this in non-technical terms: your laptop is a living organism and your battery is its heart. Poor battery performance means poor usage of the laptop’s features. We, as doctors, help you monitor the status and lengthen its lifetime.

What does our laptop battery analyzer actually do?

The NLBA1 device calculates the battery’s health (genuinely essential), it measures the real capacity of the battery, calibrates,  it reads the battery’s information stored inside the battery controller, it charges or discharges with lots of custom parameters, it displays the proper voltage, calculates the internal cell storage, even revives the under discharged batteries (yes, it can happen), and other functions available on the website.

Not to mention it works on Windows XP and Vista 7,8, and 10. Among all these, whatever your current laptop is functioning on, we’ve got it right here.

And you don’t need to install dozens of wires at office or home for a battery analyzer. We’ll leave the nets for the spiders, we’re working with pragmatism and efficiency. Simply said, it’s all based on a tiny USB connection. 

Why use our laptop battery analyzer?

It’s all pros: The NLBA1 device helps you diagnose, repair, wake up, charge or discharge, calibrate and measure the real capacity of pretty much all laptop batteries on the market. And: You get full online support (mail, Skype, WhatsApp) directly from the manufacturer. You’re not merely one of the many or random purchasers for us, you’re now part of our story. Welcome to the Direct Charging story!

Alright, included in the price apart from the NLBA1 laptop battery analyzer device itself, you’ve got the cables for standard or classic batteries, all the cables for your laptop’s batteries that have ribbon cable as a connector (new batteries including Apple), an AC adapter 100-240V to 20V 334A DC. And, obviously, the USB cable. 

We’ve made it handy and easy for you.

Told you you’re not a random purchaser, but part of Direct Charging story.

12 months warranty? Check. Things can go wrong even in Paradise. But we’ll sort it out for you in no time.

Worldwide shipping? Check. Yep, we’re living in the era of globalisation. And we love it. Muchas gracias. Domo arigato. Shokran Gidan.

Returns accepted within 30 days? Check. Sure, after all, it’s you to decide. No prisoners taken.

What about our reviews on… erm, eBay, for example? Check. More than 20K reckon we’re just what the doctor ordered. Oh, wait, here we’re the doctors for the batteries.. We’re just fine, 20K+ people are happy with us. By the way, thank you, folks!

Remember the “Analyze This” and “Analyze That” movies starring De Niro and Billy Crystal? Well, we’re the doctors working on the laptop’s heart. And with no heart, there’s no functioning.

So keep your laptop’s heart healthy and get yourself a laptop battery tester 

Become a part of our story.

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