The external laptop battery charger - when, why and how to use it

The external laptop battery charger - when, why and how to use it

We live in a world that gets more and more technologized with each day that passes. It’s hard to imagine just what we would do if we were suddenly cut off from our ‘plugs’, so to speak.

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The importance of our laptops

Our laptops have become our extensions in the digital world, allowing us to keep in check with our loved ones, finding out the latest news or storing important files. That is exactly why, if a situation should arise and your laptop suddenly dies, you will experience a lot of feelings, from frustration to anger.

We would like to help you avoid this unwanted scenario by letting you find out about our external laptop battery charger. When a problem rears its ugly head we may feel discouraged but you should always remember the saying ‘if there’s a will, there’s a way.’

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The advantages of a fully-functioning laptop

There are a bunch of reasons behind the fact that we have become so dependent on our laptops. First and foremost, we should mention their portability. Having a laptop functioning as it is supposed to, means that you can work on your projects from almost any place that you can think of.

Naturally, you would need things like a steady network connection or a coffee to keep you going but these are only complementary items, the laptop is the key ingredient of this recipe. 

Another neat thing about these helpful little machines is the fact that they are constantly getting more and more powerful, each generation bringing some new and impressive features. 

What should you be on the lookout for, concerning your laptop’s battery life?

As much as we love laptops, we mustn't forget that they rely a great deal on their batteries. This translates into you taking special care of your laptop’s battery if you don’t want to render the computer useless outside of your home.

In any case, Direct-Charging is here to help you with an external laptop battery charger, if the situation requires it. However, before we dive deep into details, let’s find out some tips which you can use to maintain or extend your laptop battery life.

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General facts about laptop batteries and how to use them

Most laptops nowadays come with batteries which can last from 2 to 4 years. This translates into 300 to 700 charges, depending on the brand we are referring to. However, you must know that a laptop’s battery life is greatly influenced by several external and internal factors.

The battery type, how old it is or how you chose to use it will each alter the overall lifespan. That’s why we considered it might be the case to guide you towards taking proper care of your laptop’s battery.

  • Take the battery charge cycles into consideration
  • Each battery is built to handle a specific number of charge cycles and that’s exactly why you should consider them. But what IS a charge cycle, exactly? Well, the process consisting of a battery charging up to 100% from a completely emptied tank is called a full charge cycle.

    Discharging 50% of your battery and then recharging it back to 100% is called a half cycle. In time, all batteries are affected by an increasing number of such cycles, since they wear down the capacity. That’s why we recommend that you perform as few full cycles as possible per month.

    When you take a fully charged battery, discharge it completely and then you charge it back up to full status, that’s what we call a full charge cycle. We consider it extremely necessary to allow a laptop battery to update its internal parameters so that it will maintain the correct capacity. 

    We calculate the latter during a full charge cycle through a smart electronic microcontroller which can be found inside the battery itself. 

  • Close background apps
  • Apps which are running in the background can often serve no necessary purpose. This is another hint for saving up battery power. Open up your task manager and close those apps because they can consume a big chunk of your battery’s juice.

  • When in doubt, use the OS software
  • As we already mentioned earlier, each laptop generation comes more and more powerful. The latest versions of Windows and iOS come with impressive pieces of software which are designed to help you keep your laptop running as long as possible.

    For example, Windows 10 comes with the Battery Saver, an app which will turn on as soon as your laptop’s battery drops down to 20%. Within a couple of moments, the Battery Saver mode will block any unnecessary app from functioning, the Calendar’s sync feature will seize and push notifications will stop appearing, among others.

    All of this is meant to conserve as much battery power as possible. MacBook introduced the Power Nap, a mode which allows your laptop to enter Sleep mode without skipping potential crucial tasks, saving your work progress and battery power.

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    The laptop battery stopped charging. What to do?

    Are you experiencing troubles when you try to charge your laptop’s battery? A defective system board or a troublesome laptop battery can both affect your laptop’s performance. Instead of buying a completely new battery or system board, why not give a chance to a more affordable solution?

    That’s where our external laptop battery charger comes into play. Called NEBC1, our product can be the solution you have been looking for all this time.

    What is NEBC1 and how do you use it?

    Our product is an external laptop battery charger or a standalone battery charger which you can use to charge up batteries outside of the laptop. It can often happen that a motherboard presents a malfunctioning charging port or the battery itself is actually a dud. Instead of buying new parts, why not try the NEBC1?

    Besides saving you from digging too deep inside your pocket, the NEBC1 is really intuitive and easy to use. First, you would have to turn it on and connect it to the laptop battery. Our product’s LED light will turn from red to green as soon as the connection to the battery is made. This indicates that everything works fine and the charging process began.

    And just like that, the whole process is put in motion and you just have to wait for it to be complete.

    What will you get when you order our external laptop battery charger?

    After you placed an order on our site, we will deliver you the following parts:

    • A wall AC adapter
    • The NEBC1 Smart External Charger
    • The battery cable
    • Instruction papers

    We always make sure that our clients get exactly what they need, as soon as possible and with all the necessary instructions. 

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    A lot of benefits to be enjoyed

    Direct-Charging provides you with an elegant solution to your charging problems. In fact, ours is the ultimate solution for charging any spare laptop batteries which you may have.

    Then, we again mention the costs because let’s face it, money is everything for some of us. Repairing a motherboard or replacing it is far pricier than ordering our external laptop battery charger.

    Moving on, we think you will really love the fact that we provide fast shipping globally. You will receive a tracking number once you place an order and the package should reach you from 3 to 10 working days, depending on the distance.

    Also, if you paid attention when you entered our site, you can also benefit from our special offer. You will have a 10% discount on each purchase you make until the end of January.

    Last but not least, we provide a wide range of external laptop battery chargers so that regardless of your laptop’s make, you will find a product that fits.

    The bottom line

    Having a laptop that works properly is crucial in today’s world. The key feature of a laptop is portability and if your battery doesn’t have the juice to allow you to use your laptop, then it is all a shame.

    Direct-Charging offers you a plethora of external laptop battery chargers which can work with virtually any big brand laptops you can think of. Charge your spare battery outside of your laptop while you keep working on your project or charge multiple batteries to take on your important business trip.

    If you are sure that your battery doesn’t charge at all but you can’t pinpoint the cause, then you should order our product just to be sure. It might be a defective system board you’re dealing with, or perhaps the laptop’s DC port is malfunctioning. Regardless, visit our shop and choose the external (standalone) laptop battery charger you need right now.

    Any reason to enjoy an extended laptop battery life is a good reason to order our product. Make sure to do this now and you will get 10% off your purchase. You should hurry up because our special offer lasts only until the end of January.

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