Should you run your laptop on mains or use its battery?

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Should you run your laptop on mains or use its battery?


Should you run your laptop on mains or use its battery?

When it comes to laptops we often wonder if we should leave them plugged in or not while we use them. Which of these allows us to save more energy and how will a certain choice affect us?

Direct current or battery?

People start paying more and more attention to what they can do to act more sustainably to save more money and energy. That’s why it is important to find out whether it is best to keep the laptop plugged in or running on battery power.

At first glance, the difference in energy consumption seems insignificant. Not too long ago people were advised to disconnect their laptops from plugs due to the fear of overcharging the batteries through continuous electricity consumption.

Nowadays, laptops of the latest generation come with a special design which automatically stops them from charging when their battery reaches full capacity and the recharging process ensues once the battery discharges with use.

By incorporating this measure, laptop manufacturers allowed us to rest assured when we leave our laptops plugged in continuously without worrying about wasting more energy.

But what do we do when the laptop doesn’t charge anymore?

It often happens that a laptop suddenly seems to die on you without an apparent reason. In most cases, the connector between the laptop’s motherboard and the battery might malfunction, causing the charging process to stop working.

Luckily for you, the people from Direct-Charging invented the external laptop battery charger which will allow you to charge up as many laptop batteries as you want, outside of your laptop.

By acquiring our product you can forget about buying costly parts for your laptop, such as a new motherboard because you can now bypass the classic charging process, all in a completely safe way. 

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